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3 Genius Group offers candid insight, informed opinion, and unrivaled networking opportunities with leading tech executives, investors, and key government stakeholders.Provide Our Marketing Services Globally By Helping Production Companies To Excel In The Global Market. Our Vision Is To Uplift The Global Economy By Empowering Production Companies And Local Investors With The Help A Huge Marketing Team Working Under 3 Genius.

– Mr. Qasim Awais

3 Genius Marketing Group

3 Genius Marketing Group is the leading independent source of information on the world technology sector. Founded by Mr.Qasim Sandhu, 3 Genius has been taking the pulse of world technology exporters for nearly a year, with a simple mission: to help facilitate the growth of the technology sector in Pakistan to the world. 3 Genius seeks to achieve this goal through a range of endeavors: from the creation of networking events and resources for the high-tech sector. We initiated different project gives investment opportunity all over the world.

Sky adventure tourism by 3 Genius Group is the first online marketplace for people to search, compare, discover, and book trips.

3 Genius is a brand of trade link enterprises, a company having years of excellence in dealing with cellular phones from all the leading brands.

We plan, build & implement business efficiency solutions that help companies to become leaders in their industry

First prime broker 3 Genius offering aggregated liquidity on cryptocurrencies, using aggregator marksman.

3 Genius Fastest Growing Network

3 Genius sponsorship enables companies to connect and collaborate with World largest established network of high-performing technology firms.

3 Genius Talks are aimed at all of our companies, early-stage companies, and the wider world tech sector. These events provide ample opportunity for networking, as well as a panel discussion featuring one sponsor panelist and Q&A. Topics range from culture & people, to successfully funding your company’s growth. We offer all opportunities at your fingertips by advance mobile apps. All you need to just install it and start exploring the world.

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Provide Our Marketing Services Globally By Helping Production Companies To Excel In The Global Market

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